Our Itinerary

We will get to travel into the very heart of Old World Europe, where empires were built, kings and queens were crowned and some of the world’s greatest music was composed and performed by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. Grand European cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest forever remain timeless.

For those who wish to explore beautiful Christmas Markets, we recomend flying into Munich on December 22 (depart on Saturday December 21 to arrive Munich on December 22), as Munich is the closest major airport from Vilshhofen (port of departure), and its many markets are open through December 24. Munich is a beautiful city with many palaces and museums. Christmas Market in Salzburg (about 1.5 hours by direct train from Munich) is open until December 26. Distance from Munich or Salzburg to the ship in Vilshofen is usually about 1.5- 2 hours by car, or under 2 hours by direct train from Munich.