Crystal Serenity 2019

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Voyage #
Departure Date
US$ Per Person
River Suite From
Penthouse Crystal Suite  Taxes 
Monaco, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, & Croatia OCY190408 08-Apr-19 10 Monte Carlo to Venice $3,775    
Italy, Slovania, Croatia, Montenegro & Greece OCY190418 18-Apr-19 09 Venice to Athens $3,145    
Greece & Cyprus OCY190427 27-Apr-19 07 Athens Round Trip $2,285    
Greece, Malta & Italy OCY190504 04-May-19 07 Athens to Rome $1,970  
Italy, Monaco & France OCY190511 11-May-19 06 Rome Round Trip $1,680    
Italy, Corsica, France & Spain OCY190517 17-May-19 06 Rome to Barcelona $1,680    
Spain, France, Italy, & Monaco OCY190523 23-May-19 06 Barcelona Round Trip $1,680    
Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, France & England OCY190529 29-May-19 12 Barcelona to London $4,205    
Great Britain, Ireland, and Iceland OCY190610 10-Jun-19 11 London to Reykjavik $4.910    
Iceland, Norway & Denmark OCY190621 21-Jun-19 16 Reykjavik to Copenhagen $7,110    
Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia & Sweden OCY190621 21-Jun-19 26 Reykjavik to Stockholm $11,700 REQUEST A QUOTE  
Denmark, Germany, Finland, Russia, Estonia & Sweden OCY190707 07-Jul-19 10 Copenhagen to Stockholm $4,590    
Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Spain & Portugal OCY190717 17-Jul-19 12 Stockholm to Lisbon $5,130    
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain & Portugal OCY190729 29-Jul-19 14 Amsterdam to Lisbon $4,870 BONUS  
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, France & Monaco OCY190729 29-Jul-19 25 Amsterdam to Monte Carlo $8,790 DISCOUNT/OBC  
Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, France & Monaco OCY190812 12-Aug-19 11 Lisbon to Monte Carlo $3,925 EQUAL to 8%  
Monaco, France & Italy OCY190823 23-Aug-19 08 Monte Carlo to Rome $2,700 OF CRUISE FARE  
Italy, Monaco, & France OCY190831 31-Aug-19 07 Rome Round Trip $2,285 applies to EVERY  
Italy, Monaco, France, Montenegro & Hungary OCY190831 31-Aug-19 14 Rome to Venice $4,570 Voyage  
Italy, Greece, Montenegro & Croatia OCY190907 07-Sep-19 07 Rome to Venice $2,285    
Italy, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia & Slovenia OCY190914 14-Sep-19 07 Venice Round Trip $2,535    
Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Monaco & Spain OCY190921 21-Sep-19 12 Venice to Barcelona $4,470    
Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Monaco, Spain, & France OCY190921 21-Sep-19 19 Venice to Rome $6,435    
Spain, France, Monaco, & Italy OCY191003 03-Oct-19 07 Barcelona to Rome $1,970    
Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Israel, & Cyprus OCY191003 03-Oct-19 20 Barcelona to Athens $7,135    
Italy, Greece, Israel, & Cyprus OCY191010 10-Oct-19 13 Rome to Athens $5,165    
Italy, Greece, Montecarlo, Israel, Cyprus, France, & Spain OCY191010 10-Oct-19 26 Rome to Barcelona $9,540   quote
Greece, Italy, Monaco, France, & Spain OCY191023 23-Oct-19 13 Athens to Barcelona $4,365   quote
Greece, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, & Portugal OCY191023 23-Oct-19 20 Athens to Lisbon $6,855   quote
Spain, United Kingdom, & Portugal OCY191105 05-Nov-19 07 Barcelona to Lisbon $2,485   quote
Portugal, Antigua, Saint Thomas, & Florida OCY191112 12-Nov-19 12 Lisbon to Ft Lauderdale $2,945    
Portugal, Antigua, Saint Thomas, Florida, Turks & Caicos, St. Barts, Martinique, Barbados & St. Lucia OCY191112 12-Nov-19 24 Lisbon to Ft Lauderdale Contact for Availability   quote
  OCY191124 24-Nov-19 12 Ft Lauderdale Round Trip $2,775   quote
Florida, St. Thomas, St. Barts, West Indies, Nevis, British Virgin Islands, & Puerto Rico OCY191206 06-Dec-19 08 Ft Lauderdale to San Juan $1,695   quote
Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. Barts, St. Kitts, West Indies, Turks & Caicos, & Florida OCY191214 14-Dec-19 08 San Juan to Ft Lauderdale $1,695   quote
Florida, Turks & Caicos, St. Maarten, St. Barts, & West Indies OCY191222 22-Dec-19 15 Ft Lauderdale Round Trip $6,680   quote

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