Crystal Symphony 2019 

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Voyage #
Departure Date
US$ Per Person
Ocean View From
Verandah Penthouse Penthouse Suite Crystal Penthouse  Taxes 
South Pacific OCS190219 19-Feb-19 16 Valparaiso to Papeete $2,949   quote
Polynesia & New Zealand OCS190307 07-Mar-19 15 Papeete to Auckland $3,505   quote
New Zealand & Australia OCS190323 23-Mar-19 16 Auckland to Sydney $5,530    
Australia & Indonesia OCS190408 08-Apr-19 18 Sydney to Singapore $3,649   quote
Far East OCS190426 26-Apr-19 13 Singapore to Hong Kong $4,975 REQUEST A QUOTE. quote
Far East OCS190509 09-May-19 17 Hong Kong to Tokyo Call for Availability    
Japan & Alaska OCS190526 26-May-19 22 Tokyo to San Francisco $5,700   quote
Pacific Coast OCS190617 17-Jun-19 8 San Francisco to Vancouver $1,945    
Alaska OCS190625 25-Jun-19 7 Vancouver Round Trip $2,855 BONUS quote
Alaska OCS190702 02-Jul-19 10 Vancouver to Anchorage $3,880    
Alaska OCS190712 12-Jul-19 11 Anchorage to Vancouver $3,890 DISCOUNT/OBC quote
Alaska OCS190723 23-Jul-19 7 Round Trip Vancouver $2,655 EQUAL to 8% quote
Alaska OCS190730 30-Jul-19 11 Round Trip Vancouver $3,890    
Alaska OCS190810 10-Aug-19 10 Round Trip Vancouver $3,480 OF CRUISE FARE quote
Alaska OCS190820 20-Aug-19 7 Vancouver to Anchorage $1,870 applies to every quote
Alaska OCS190827 27-Aug-19 7 Anchorage to Vancouver $2,120 voyage quote
Alaska OCS190903 03-Sep-19 7 Round Trip Vancouver $1,920   quote
Alaska OCS190910 10-Sep-19 7 Round Trip Vancouver $2,040
Alaska & Pacific Northwest OCS190917 17-Sep-19 11 Vancouver to Los Angeles $2,965 quote
Mexico & Costa Rica OCS190928 28-Sep-19 13 Los Angeles to Caldera $3,910 quote
Panama Canal OCS191011 11-Oct-19 14 Caldera to New Orleans $5,000 quote
Caribbean OCS191025 25-Oct-19 14 New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale $3,885 quote
Caribbean OCS191108 08-Nov-19 09 Ft. Lauderdale Round Trip $2,525 quote
Caribbean OCS191117 17-Nov-19 07 Ft. Lauderdale Round Trip $1,565 quote
Caribbean OCS191124 24-Nov-19 07 Ft. Lauderdale Round Trip $1,715
Caribbean OCS191201 01-Dec-19 10 Ft. Lauderdale to Caldera $2,555 quote
Pacific Coast OCS191211 11-Dec-19 10 Caldera to San Diego $2,150 quote
Hawaii OCS191221 21-Dec-19 15 San Diego Round Trip $5,355 quote
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Note: Per Person Price is in US$, and includes Early Payment discount. All Cruises which are paid up to 6 months prior to sailoing are eligible for Early payment discount. In case of discrepancy, latest Crystal Cruises brochure prices will override prices listed above